Obedience Courses

All our obedience courses usually have a duration of around seven weeks, They are held in a dog friendly park , so the dog can socialize with other dogs and people .

The classes are by week ,Monday to Thursday  you drop your dog at 8:30 in the morning and you pick him up  at 3:000pm , where we work on different aspects of the obedience training and the behaviour . you also get everyday had an hour one to one class.Our dog training courses are conducted in public areas for several reasons the most important being that it allows the dog to experience and respond to "real-life" situations such as dealing with other dogs, humans and vehicular traffic.Dogs who have never been exposed to such normal conditions of everyday living often tend to be overly aggressive or exaggeratedly submissive if forced to deal with situations and encounters outside the seclusion of their own home territory.It is imperative that any dog must be able to cope with visits to "the outside world" be it to the veterinarian or a weekend break away with his family.

First Level : On The Leash.

Heel:The dog learns to walk at your walking pace and when you stop walking the dog does an automatic "sit ".

Sit:The dog learns to go into the sit position at command (with hand signal & voice or just the signal).

Down: The dog learns to go into the down position at command, again with hand signal & voice or just the signal.

Sit from down position: The dog learns to obey this command at the sound of your voice or just using the hand signal.

Stay: The dog learns to stay completely static or to "stop dead" if the commands given while the dogs in motion.

Come: The dog comes to you at command, finishing the exercise with an automatic sit.

The dog learns to perform all the routine exercises mentioned above but with the ability to do it, off the leash plus he/she learns different variations of the sequence of the routines and you acquire full control over your dog, off the leash at all times.

The final objective of all our different trainings is not only the perfect performance of the exercises, this are just tools to control your dog, the relevant mission of this training is that the dog learns to obey, and listens to you, because he /she has been introduced to communication trough the different commands that they learn in our courses

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